Udawalawe Safari Village Hotel tempts natural life lovers

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Udawalawe Safari Village Hotel, praising its 28th commemoration, lures nature and untamed life lovers to a charming occasion.

Arranged five kilometers from the Udawalawe National Park, the inn’s four-section of land has been normally changed into an eco-accommodating town.

It was set up in 1992 by naturalist Jayantha Kumara who at first structured this lodging with only seven rooms. It has since been extended to a 19-room fascinating retreat with present day luxuries, for example, a pool and so on.

The inn co-ordinates a safari jeep administration for the advantage and accommodation of visitors. For the individuals who wish to go outdoors, the lodging give tents also.

Udawalawe Safari Village Hotel is a property of the Sakura-Kinjou Group of Companies and is kept up by S and K Safari Village Ltd. Visit www.safarivillagehotels.lk for more subtleties.

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