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The Body Shop introduces 3 Xmas collections

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Gift the sweet fragrance of the festive season with The Body Shop’s special edition ranges

The décor is up, the carols are playing, and the taste buds are watering already. But what of the scents of this wonderful time of the year?

The Body Shop makes gifting a piece of cake this season with its limited-edition range of bath and body care goodies. Choose from the comforting aroma of Warm Vanilla, the luxurious fragrance of Rich Plum, or even the tantalising scent of Juicy Pear, either in beautifully pre-packed gift sets or as individual products.

For those who love a fruity indulgence, choose from The Body Shop’s exquisite Rich Plum range -a seasonal favourite, now back by popular demand-, available in nine formats. Choose moisturisation with the Rich Plum Body Butter or Body Yoghurt, exfoliate away those dead skin cells with the Sugar Body Scrub, make bath time a delight with the cleansing Shower Gel, Marbled Soap, and Bath Bomb, or even opt for the handbag-sized essentials -Fragrance Mist, Hand Moisturiser and Lip Butter- for self-care on the go. With fresh plum notes and a deep musk base, this perfectly delicious range is enriched with plum extract from Turkey and a variety of Community Trade ingredients, be it the entire Christmas sack containing the full works, or that personally curated pick of products, cleanse, scrub, butter and nourish skin with the Rich Plum collection for that head-to-toe festive feel.

Would it even be Xmas without the familiarity of that timeless Vanilla flavour? A recognisable classic scent that makes you feel right at home even in the midst of all this festive flurry, The Body Shop’s sweet and comforting Warm Vanilla range captures the essence of the season. With its sweet, creamy and festive perfume, the Warm Vanilla seasonal special edition collection is represented in seven heavenly formats: as a Body Butter, Body Yoghurt, Sugar Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Hand Cream, Marbled Soap and Bath Bomb. Enriched with vanilla extract derived from the vanilla vine orchid from Madagascar, this collection too comprises of a heady combination of several other Community Trade ingredients with top note jasmine, heart note toffee, and base note warm amber.

Celebrate the start of the new year with a new fragrance! For the first time ever, The Body Shop has chosen to introduce the fruity freshness of the pear into its bath and body products. Very much like the ‘partridge in the pear tree,’ here enters the Juicy Pear limited edition festive range, with its punchy -yet sophisticated- sloe berry, pear, and Tonka bean notes, available in a whopping ten formats: Body Butter and Body Yoghurt for that necessary hydration, Sugar Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Marbled Soap, and Bath Bomb for skin and bath time pampering, and Fragrance Mist, Hand Cream, Hand Wash and Hand Lotion to supplement those bathroom essentials. Enriched with pear extract from Italy as well as a variety of other Community Trade ingredients, additionally, the vibrant and energetic element of the Juicy Pear collection makes this a firm favourite among the menfolk too.

Shop The Body Shop’s exciting Rich Plum, Warm Vanilla, Juicy Pear, Xmas edition range -and more- from The Body Shop flagship store on Bagatale Road, Odel in Alexandra Place, the Kandy City Centre, and the newly opened store at the Colombo City Centre.

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