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By Madushi Rajapaksha

Keeping in mind the ‘Body Image’ posts, I decided to move on to the next category/type of body.

The naming of this blog was inspired by the Italian word for little girl – ‘Bambina’.

The small, petite, tiny and short female body is another beautifully created gift. If all girls decided to grow super model tall, the short men wouldn’t have anyone to shower their love on and all clothing stores would run out of business selling only 10 plus sizes.

Being pretty tiny myself, I had trouble fitting into jeans more than anything. They used to crumble on the bottom or look weird and baggy. Then I realized that the problem wasn’t in my size, but the way I chose to dress myself. Obviously my mother had a part to do in this little dilemma. She herself bought size 10 clothing or a size bigger than what I should be getting into. The way I solved this issue without a penny was by hand altering my clothes. The best friends, the needle and thread had come to aid the crisis. Obviously hand sewing wasn’t the best thing to do, but it worked for most of my clothes.

On moving to Sri Lanka for college, I started buying the clothes to fit me perfectly (although, I’m still testing on denims) and from there on, I started picking most of my friends clothing too.



It is always quite confusing to understand something that is not the usual of standards. Everyone would understand the basic 2 + 2, but it takes some time grasp the square roots and statistics of things.

Slowly I started embracing my height and the size and it was my favourite. There were obviously times I wished I could grow longer legs, but I moved on from that phase. *angel emoticon*.

So, for my bambinas out there, here is a little guide on what would look perfect on your body.


                                                                THE COFFEE DATE CHICK


The first look is a twist to the 60s style, minus the scarves and cowboy boots. A high waist denim and a stripe top is perfect for everyday outings like classes, grocery shopping and the small coffee dates as well.




The blue and white stripes make the look less boring and more fun. Pair it up with a printed top or a similar top like this to complete the look. Opt for a top that has prints rather than a plain colour as it would make the look too simple. Overdressing is very much ‘in’ these days and there is nothing to worry about. Go ahead and dress it down if you love the simplicity in plain colour blouses.

These flared denims show off any kind of body and emphasize on the best parts because of its high waist feature. It’s probably time to give your skinny jean buddy a break and go shopping for these high waist bell bottoms.



It is fascinating how this look can be worn with heels, wedges, pumps, sneakers and the list goes on. The model here wears brown lace up heels.


                                                                         NOIR SIGNORITA


The second look is an edgy, black on black, linen look that is perfected with a loose top knot bun. One might call it a modern Audrey Hepburn look. These pants are made from linen which, on the face of it, seems like it belongs on the kitchen tables. Don’t be surprised with the wonders it can do once you pair it with the perfect clothing and accessory pieces.


As this look is also a high waist, the perfect top would be a crop that is not printed as compared to the first look. Minimalism is key for this outfit. If you do not have a similar top, you can pull this off with an off the shoulder crop, a normal black spaghetti strap top or a black t-shirt tucked in

This can easily be turned into a day to night look with the right shoes and makeup. The day look can be worn with simple flats and the night look can be completed with some nude wedges. A gold and black statement necklace would accentuate the night look.  Do not forget that the linen can be quite tough looking, so calm the look down with a soft fabric blouse.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.57.09 AM




This is probably one of my favourite looks and the most provocative one. When I asked my mom about buying a black strapless jumpsuit from mango, she was hesitant about it as she thought it wouldn’t suit my height. And then this happened. This bold green look is perfect for a business meeting, interview and any other formal- semi formal event.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.58.28 AM

Now mama can’t say anything about the jumpsuit!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.59.26 AM




White is probably the most serene colour of all. When you mix serene and goddess like pants together, you get this beautiful modern day Greek goddess look.

The third look is also a high waist chiffon pant that is paired with a printed crop top. This outfit makes you look ready to walk through the city of Paris.





Being a simple white, the top must be a printed crop that has colour all over it. White on white would look stunning if you can find the perfect style and shade of it to match the chiffon palazzo pants.  The perfect shoes for this would be a blue peep toe heel or simple blue flats or pointed toe heels like in the picture. Try not to overdo the look with more than two colours as it would grab away the simplicity.





This is one of those looks for the bold and vibrant girl. The simple peach crop top with a printed monochrome slit skirt is perfect for a tuned down version of coachella. A simple statement necklace with a pop of colour completes the monochrome look.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a tight fitting skirt and you can also pair it with a similarly printed flared skirt.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.00.57 AM

The edginess of this outfit comes from the heels. This gold buckle box heel is perfect if you want to give an oomph to your boring



I hope these outfits that I paired helped you and inspired you to get your glam on. Don’t be let down if you don’t look good in what a tall model would look good in. There’s always a way to dress it up and dress it down.

On a final note, don’t forget to give colour to your pouts. Dab your lipstick on with every outfit you decide to wear!


Thank you, Buddhima for being your gorgeous self and letting me doll you up. You rock!

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