Sri Lanka’s youngest YouTuber with 1 Million subscribers

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A little girl who has a youtube channel (Village Life) got a gold play button with 1 million subscribers in Sri Lanka. They are making videos together with family members in their village. So this is the most-subscribed personal youtube channel in Sri Lanka.

There are only a few youtube channels in Sri Lanka that cross the 1 million subscribers limit.

  1. TV derana – 1.3 million
  2. Sri Lanka Cricket – 1.2 million

Looks like this little girl’s channel is in third place. There are currently 1.1 million subscribers.

Sri Lanka Cricket has started youtube channel six years ago. There are 1152 videos on the channel. There are only 30 videos that exceed the 1million views limit

TV Derana youtube channel has been started seven years ago. The channel has 14,137 videos. 1 million views Only 36 videos have crossed the limit. The most-watched video received 7.6 million views.

It has been 2 years since I took the daughter’s Village Life channel. There are 232 total videos on the channel. 39 million videos with 1 million views. Most Viewed Video 10 Million Views !!

These videos are mostly watched by foreigners. That means earning foreign exchange through this…

Go to the channel and subscribe. Here is the link.


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