#RanaViruMeetup 2015

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Us Lankans are known to be givers. People who sometimes go beyond the norm to help another fellow human being. This is a distinction that has been known all over the world, even to the extent how visitors are treated like a part of the family. This article is about a family too, a family that we probably undermine and a family that we are truly proud of.

Yes, our dear soldiers.

It has been more than 6 years to the end of the dreaded war. A war which has consumed a good part of this country’s development leaving behind a dreaded trail of destruction and broken hearts. Apart from those who gave their lives for this nation, there is a group that is still very much among the living, but are not fully healed, in their hearts and in their minds.

Over hundred soldiers spend their lives at Ranaviru Sevana in Ragama. It is a government sponsored institution where war veterans take refuge to heal from the damaging effects of the war that ravaged on for decades. They receive medical treatment and counselling to recover and to lead normal lives as proud citizens of this country.

We, the Twitter community of Sri Lanka, decided to play a small part in making this more enjoyable and time worthy. On 25th July we will head to Ragama, to have a day fun and interaction with our beloved soldiers. While donating over Rs. 300,000 worth of mobility aid and other items that required urgently, the tweeps will be spending a day with the soldiers with activities that will bring the war heroes and us closer.

The main purpose of the day would be to have a pleasant interaction with the soldiers. There will be entertainment events such as a singing session, which will give everyone a chance to show their singing skills. Furthermore all the food and drinks will be aplenty with many brands coming into sponsor them too.

If you too would like to be a part of this charity venture, you can contribute easily. You can make a donation to “Sampath Bank – Colombo Super” branch account ‘1175-5482-2773’ under the names M.D.Senarath-Yapa and W.G.T. Fernando. These donation will make way to buy the below listed items

–  Wheelchairs

–  Elbow Crutches

–  Ceiling fans

–  Stationery

–  LQ2090 Print ribbons

Even if you cannot make a donation, you can still join us on 25th July to take the trip to Ranaviru Sevana in Ragama (we’ll provide transport too).  We hope to make give our dear soldiers a time they would not forget and something they would cherish. Whatever happiness we can give them would be a blessing for us all.

Get involved by filling this form

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17qx8bhqhcMkyw9wSc2DTP1JC5vuQUsXu- 4Dj2d131YI/viewform?c=0&w=1 

Follow the updates on fb and twitter via

Twitter  – https://twitter.com/RanaViruMeetup

Facebook – https://facebook.com/RanaViruMeetup

FB event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/705982762861410/

Website – http://ranavirumeetup.org

So we look forward to whatever contribution you can make, remember this is probably paying gratitude for saving your life. Article by  Pamith Kodikara

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