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Otara launches new collection for Embark at Galle Fort store

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Otara Gunewardene, the trendsetting Sri Lankan entrepreneur, an inspirational businesswoman, a philanthropist and change maker has always been passionate about being kind and compassionate to animals and promoting animal welfare. She has been the driving force behind many projects that diligently focused on achieving this cause. Once again, she combines the two things that she loves the most – animals and fashion – to make a dream, which is that much close to her heart, a reality.
It is Otara’s love for animals and fashion that resulted in the birth of Embark, the brand with a cause. With it, she forged ahead to set trends that ultimately changed society for the better; teaching us the value of coexistence with animals and inspiring thousands to show kindness to them.

Recently, with the launch of the first Embark stand-alone store located within the historic Galle Fort, a long time dream of a stand-alone Embark store became a reality. With the brand’s vision of promoting a culture of love and compassion for all living beings, from the store’s one-of-a-kind interior and visual merchandising to its unique product offering Embark offers visitors a truly unique shopping experience.

Vibrant and stylish clothing and accessories, the famous pooch silhouettes paired with fun slogans appeal to Embark fans of all ages, inspiring people to be part of a worthy cause, while making a fashion statement at the same time. Shoppers can choose from a collection of clothing and complementing accessories for ladies, men, kids, home and pooch products that are more diverse than ever before, all imbued with Embark’s distinct look and feel.

“The introduction of the novel collection at our new store aims to enhance our commitment to work towards giving better lives to dogs in need and the communities they live in. A lot of the work we do in terms of animal welfare are supported by the profits from the sales of the brand. When you buy an Embark product, you are able to directly help a street dog in need,” Otara said. Under Otara’s guidance and vision, today, Embark has evolved into a fashion brand that stands for ‘Pashionable People’ and a vision that is all from the heart. Her decision to sell Odel was based on her passion to help animals and the environment and dedicate all of her time and efforts into creating a community and country where animals and people live in harmony.
‘Pashionable people’ including fashion enthusiasts, animal lovers and longstanding patrons of the Embark brand gathered at the Galle Fort store to celebrate the launch of the new collection and shared Embark’s passion of creating a change.
The recently opened Embark store at Galle Fort is the first of a series of unique fashion retail stores by the brand. The store also features a stylish café – Coffee with Niko, where customers can sit back and relax after an overwhelmingly delightful experience of shopping. It follows the pooch-inspired theme of the brand featuring Niko, Bandit and Rozzy, the street pooches adopted by Otara. Embark merchandise can also be purchased at Odel, Alexandra Place, K-zone Ja-ela and the Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake.

Let the colourful Embark Tuk-Tuks roaming around the Galle Fort guide you to the store located at 33, Lighthouse Street. It is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and is a great way to explore fashion and what’s more, you can be a part of making the world a better place.

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