Oshella’s Homemade Goodness

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By Grace Wickremasinghe

This Saturday, I made my way to Oshella De Alwis’s home to try out her home-made dishes. Though she is best known for her Éclairs, I believe that notion will change up a bit, especially when I tell you how great her chicken satay is.


Being a graduate of International Business, Oshella started out her passion of cooking during the holidays, when she visited her friends and family from Singapore. Needless to say that, eventually she became a Queen in her kitchen and was encouraged to start up her delivery of home-made goodness.


Spoken like a true foodie, Oshella adds; “I come from a family that cooks a lot and who loves eating even more.”

Her chicken satays are available for Rs.450 (5 satays) with home-made peanut butter sauce. This was not just meat on a stick but grilled, lemongrass flavoured fresh piece of chicken heaven.


I also tried her Chicken Nasi Lemak for Rs.450, which is Malaysian Chicken rending, peanuts, sprats in sambol and cucumber, fried egg with coconut milk infused rice, all wrapped in a banana leaf. The play on lumpraise was yummy and filling. The sprats in the sambol was a pleasant surprise.


The vegetarian version includes, tofu, beans in sambol, kankung with peanuts, cucumber, rice infused in coconut oil and fried egg (optional). She also offers a Mee Goreng with chicken or prawn.
Tip: order at least one day ahead, as they are all made fresh every day!

Her scrumptious and gooey Brownie (Rs 175 per piece) with a delightful flaky and glossy crust. The brownies are chunky and measure 2.5″x3″. It’s neither too fudgy nor too sweet. Ideal for those feeling guilty.


Banana bread (Rs.800) was fresh and soft, and tasted quite healthy. It would be a great tea time snack, or breakfast. You know, eating cake for breakfast is very in now.



Oshella, makes the bread pudding with a twist when creating her golden Nutella Bread Pudding for Rs.1700. It’s not soggy and boring like the traditional bread pudding but topped off with a crispy top gives it a lovely texture while also maintaining a creamy but pudding like texture on the inside filled with gooey Nutella. What’s not to love?


Blueberry Tart (Rs.2000) was not what I expected. To be honest, it looked like a cheesecake but this tasted out of this world.



I got a few mouthful bites off this custard filled, butter cookie taste, which actually reminded me of my childhood.
Eclairs, are a giant chocolate covered happiness spread. The cream inside wasn’t crazy sweet or over filled with icing unlike most eclairs we come across. For just Rs.135/- these beauties could be in your tummies.

I would rate the Oshella’s Homemade Goodness a 4/5

Call/message 0778969687 and order your lunch/dinner/dessert for delivery or pick up!
And Oshella will be at the Colombo Food Festival, at Viharamahadevi every Sunday, 10am onwards.


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