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1.Who is Dilith?
I am someone who believes in the teachings of Lord Buddha and the Buddhist way of life. To me realism comes first. I believe in my inner self and the ability for my self to be disciplined, energetic and focused. I like to live by and act upon my principles. My vision is built upon humility, generosity and a conviction that we must believe in goodness and the happiness that it brings to humanity.

2.What are you truly passionate about?
I am passionate about any task I undertake. I think it’s my responsibility to motivate and drive a team to achieve beyond expectations. I enjoy success reaped through commitment, acumen and ideation.

3.What was the original source of inspiration for you to become a success businessmen?
The teachings of Buddha taught me at a young age about financial discipline and the importance of honesty. My family background propelled me towards professional learning and my parents especially encouraged my whole family to pursue intellectual uplift net through formal education. My entrepreneurial spirit was born when I started working, first at IC Drugs, followed by Sri Lanka Insurance and then most importantly setting up Triad, Sri Lanka’s leading indigenous communication company. I enjoyed creating value and wealth, which I have always been absolutely proud of sharing with my many stakeholders. Believing in the credo Sri Lanka Can, I consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to build one of the fastest growing conglomerates in post war Sri Lanka.

4.What work are you most proud of?
In my communications career, the work that I’m most proud of is the Api Venuwen Api campaign created for the Sri Lanka Forces. To this day we remain humbled by the impact of this campaign. We are grateful for our client Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapksa for believing in us and giving us the creative freedom to conceptualizer and implement such a nation moving campaign.

5.Whats your philosophy about entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. People who can think differently. People who thrive on creative solutions. People whose vision exceeds mere monetary gains. These are real entrepreneurs. I look forward to the day when Sri Lanka can truly celebrate her entrepreneurs. For they are the lifeblood of a country hungry for growth and progress.

6.What is the positioning of Sri Lankan advertising and media industry in global scenario and your contribution?
Sri Lankan advertising has made great strides in the global arena in the recent past but we have a long way to go. We still have not won coveted Gold at Cannes awards, the Oscars of advertising. I believe the time is right for an indigenous agency to bring this metal back.

7.What charity is closest to your heart?
I believe charity begins at home. Our company stands deeply committed to support and sustain our corporate family of close to 3500 staff members. We proactively take initiatives to ensure their well being and that if their families. We also support the Sri Lanka Forces in their quest for professional partnership. Especially the injured soldiers, specially abled children of soldiers etc. This we do more as a sense of gratitude towards these heroes who have laid their lives on the line to save us and our country.

8.What is one thing you cannot live without?
I am a man of few wants. I believe this is the way to contentment as per Buddhist teachings. With basic survival requirements and of course love and affection form family and friends, I live an uncomplicated and simple life. I am happy with my life.

9.Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to become a entrepreneur or just advice in general about careers?
My advice is to follow your dreams. Challenging convention and looking for creative solutions is the way forward. Never fear to take a step or decide on your gut feeling. Most of all, remember that everything is temporary and therefore do your best to share with as many others as you can, so that happiness you generate is universal. Ultimately, happiness moments is what it’s all about.

10.What are your future aspirations and goals?
Life to me is exciting and unpredictable. I will journey on taking each and every moment and creating my own contribution, however big or small as I think fit. I aspire to do my bit to transform our beautiful motherland to a land of plenty. I continue to be optimistic and patriotic of my country and its people. To me, life is about creating Happiness Moments, for as many people as I possibly can.

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