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Kishani Alanki Perera is self employed Actress,  She was discovered as a potential glamour model by a sharp eyed, well known photographer and made blazing entry to the national print media adorning advertisements of prestigious ‘brand’. Having made appearances in both films and teledramas in srilanka, Alanki is greatly adored by the youth of the country. She became nick- named as ‘suragana kirilli’ following her first appearance in Infaas’ and Iraj’s music video ‘suragana killiye’. However apart from being involved in the acting industry, Alanki also pursued a degree in law as she believes in the importance of education. Furthermore she is committed in helping less fortunate and under privileged kids in rural areas of srilanka through her various charity projects a a young representative of the foundation of goodness. #HAPPYSRILANKANS decided to talk with Alanki…


1.Who inspired you to pursue your dream of acting?
I never dreamt of being an actor.. my goals had always been different. i wanted to pursue my studies and then do something professional. I had got acting offers since i was very young but only got into it later after one of my good friends invited me for a drama for sirasa tv and then my mum told me try it out.. i never took it seriously.. but after i acted in it i realised that i loved it and in turn it inspired me.. however the senior actors that i have worked with have inspired me further..

2.How long have you been doing this?

i have been acting on and off.. this has been because of my studies.. i was studying for my law degree and therefore i had to turn down all the acting offers.. but now since i have completed my LLB, i am back doing what i love..

3.What was your most challenging role?

there have been several challenging incidents.. one was when i had to throw myself onto a railway track for a scene and i had to actually do it.. i ended up getting injured too.

4. What made you pursue a law degree? was it difficult to balance both law and acting?

when i knew that i had to continue my higher studies i realized that law was a subject which interested me.. i used to act while i was studying for my degree but eventually i realized that i couldn’t do both as law was a subject which required a lot of commitment and time.. so i had to give up on a lot of good acting offers till i completed my degree. but now that i have completed my studies, i am continuing with various acting projects..


5.What would you be if you were not famous?

if i wasn’t an actress, i would be a practicing lawyer because my degree is in law..

6.What is your most favourite scene of the film/Teledrama?

I think my most favourite shoot was my first commercial.. it was for sunlight.. and i loved the story line and the entire shoot.. i enjoyed scenes in hithata wahal weemi and i also enjoyed shooting for my new drama, in which i play a traditional village girls character.. i have never played a character like that so i had to make a lot of changes in my acting and lifestyle to adapt for it, such as the way i dressed and talked.. it is interesting!

7.When doing a love scene, do you imagine you’re with somebody else?

I wish i had someone to think about or imagine about while doing a love scene.. but since i am single it doesn’t help.. so i try to be myself with who ever i act.. 🙂

8. Tell us a little about your charity projects..

I work with the foundation of goodness as an ambassador. i truly believe in the work that they do to help the lives of many rural communities in children. i campaign for bikes and school packs for kids in the north and other rural areas of srilanka. I visited the north with the FOG and i was deeply saddened to see kids who walk several kilometres to reach school. i met some kids who claimed to walk 17 kilometres to reach school and another 17 kilometres back home.. so that is around 34 kilometres a day! i have heard of kids in the east who walk upto 5 kilometres to each school.. so the Fog assists them by buying them bikes because then it helps these under privileged kids to go to school with less difficulty. we also help by donating school bags and essential school items.

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9.What work are you most proud of?

I am proud of the charity work i have been involved in.. it has given me a wider perspective of life and a more meanigful purpose in life. i am happy about every little child that i have been able to help by working with the foundation of goodness because i know that it is a step taken towards giving that child a brighter future..

10.What is one thing you cannot live without?

the one person i cannot live without is my mum.. and the one thing i cannot live without is my phone..

11.Do you have a favourite quote or saying that is always on your mind?

my favourite quote is ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

12.Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to act as a career or just advice in general about careers?

Always pick a career from your heart.. u will spend most of your life working so it is important to chose a career that will keep u inspired.. your need to like what u do and you need to do what u like, regardless of what anyone will say because its your life..

13.What are your future aspirations and goals ?

At the moment I am involved with a few charity projects.. i have been working closely with the Foundation of goodness and it has changed my perspective of life. It made me realise that real fulfillment comes from serving those who have a very little in life.. working closely with underprivileged kids has made me feel more fulfilled and given me a more meaningful life. so i will continue with such projects to assist underprivileged kids to pursue an education as i believe that education is an effective way of changing the future of such kids and their families..

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