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I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of painting my lips from anything other than a matte and perhaps, on adventurous days, a gloss. And then came the matte that looked stunningly metallic. perhaps they got their production wrong? not really. They got it perfectly right.



I was already in love with the matte so why not try a metallic?

At first impression, reading the label made me doubt the new punk rock- metallica look that I might have on my lips, but on testing it on my sister, I wouldn’t be hesitant to wear this on a trip to visit the queen!

This shade, siren, from the NYX matte lipstick range has a deep blueish purple undertone so it would definitely suit  dark skin beauties out there as well.Being a price of $6 (RS.875), it has an amazing colour payoff and a stains for really long. although you cannot see the metallic sheen in pictures (apologies from an amateur photographer), it indeed does have it and this is in fact a matte shade.


On a final note, this shade (personally) can be worn after your 8-5 shift to the clubs for your girls night out or on a romantically spicy date night. IMG_0164

ps. In Greek mythology, the Sirens were beautiful yet dangerous creatures. just a reminder that the art of makeup simply empowers women( not to be dangerous) to bring out the beautiful that already exists.

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