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Five Ways To Wear a LOVI Sarong

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Five Ways To Wear a LOVI Sarong

You may know the basic way to wear a sarong: the jump-in, wrap and tuck method. But LOVI has broken the barrier to take us into the future with innovative, stylish ways to drape a sarong. Here are some of the first we’ve tried. Although model by a man and woman, they are unisex in style. Let us know how you wear with your pictures at #loviceylon www.lovisarongs.com

1. The ‘James Dean’

  • Once inside the sarong, pull all of the fabric to the right, ensuring the pocket is on the left.
  • Fold fully towards your left from the corner to keep enough leg spacing for dancing around. Crease it till the very end.
  • Loop the custom LOVI cord through the back loop and tie the knot from the front towards the left corner.


2. The ‘Audrey Hepburn’

  • Watch out for those curves, while placing the right side pocket to the right thigh.
  • Place the sarong lining slightly above waist area to keep the length sassy. It’s all about the length!
  • Cut it from the left side towards the back and do a simple single drape to finish off with cord knot on front.

3. The ‘Grace Kelly’

  • Nothing beats a minimal look. Place the pocket at medium hand length towards your right
  • Pull back the lengthy end of the sarong, so the front is sleek cut.
  • Place the finishing end on the back right and tie it with the ends lining with the cord in front.

4. The ‘Marlon Brando’

  • Line up the sarong towards your right side with the pocket hanging in the right thigh.
  • Keep it plain on the front, Brando style! Pull back the finishing end toward the right side.
  • Keep leg spacing as you please to move about with ease among the ladies or gents and tie it in front with the aglets hanging down.


5. The ‘Marilyn Monroe’

  • Place the sarong at the right with the pocket in a fixed position. Always keep a favorite lipstick in that pocket!
  • Cut the hanging end from the left back corner towards the front, with leg spacing comfortable: Monroe was all about that walk.
  • Drape it from the front with a narrow small drape, and tie a knot with the cord in the middle! Ta da! Snap snap. Pose for the pictures, ladies.

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