Colombo Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament 2015

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The Colombo Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament which be held on the 20th September at Campbell Park from 10am to 4pm. Though we call this a tournament its not like so of any other sport. Its more about having a good time, beer, food and chilling out with a base of frisbee to wrap it all up.
The concept of a HAT tournament is that everyone playing signs the register while also rating their skill and ability. We gather all registered and divide everyone into even teams. Its a great way to meet new people and keep the game light hearten though the final is always pretty hyped up. The winning team will receive the Winner’s Prize and the team with the best attitude and most fun to play against will receive the Spirit Prize.
We have over 25 people coming from Ratnapura which will also be joining the Hat Tournament, as well as being part of the main attraction the CMB vs RAT competitive game. The Ratnapura team has been playing for much longer than we have (over 12 years) and they play 5 days a week. (Frisbee can become very addictive!)
As much as this will be a tournament for us frisbee players we would also like to take the opportunity to spread the word and get others interested in the sport. It would be awesome if you could help us promote the event, not just to other frisbee players but everyone who would like to give a new sport a go, chill, party and drink some beer on a Sunday.
In return we have no problem with you guys putting up some banners at the event and bringing you guys on as a media partner where you will have some presence on the FB pages as well.
This is an open event where everyone is welcome so feel free to bring your office mates or your friends and family. We have over 10 people signed in to the HAT Tournament who have never played the game before so do sign in on our facebook group page.
This is a link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/928598350553289/940018486077942/  and  I’ve attached 2 images that we are using to promote the event.

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