Book Swap – Creators Edition is a celebration of freedom of expression

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Here’s what happens at a swap, “People who like to read books meet up to exchange books”. Say you have a book you read and you don’t really want it with you but is willing to give it away in exchange of another book. The book swap is the place to do it. People come to collect books, give books away, or just to talk to people who really love reading. Folks can add DVD’s to the menu too.

This time, we want to add writers and poets and musicians to the mix.
The ‘book reading’ session will start off with a ‘children’s story time’ where kids are encouraged tto read aloud and share their ideas and stories.

This is where you get to read aloud. It can be poetry, prose or any type of written word. Preferably, your own creativity projected out in messy words but if it’s an excerpt of your favourite piece of writing, we want to hear it!
Soon afterwards, there will be space for artists to make some noise too.
Bring friends. Read out loud. Make some noise!

Join us https://www.facebook.com/events/811546788943758/

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