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Situated in the quiet area of Bullers lane, Aura Café Colombo is a vividly built café that you don’t really notice at your first turn from down the lane.(other than the chalkboard stand at the entrance.)

This container type café is like your favourite imaginary neighbour’s garden with a pond and gravel- greens. Perfect for an outdoorsy day is their rooftop seating area with the wooden plank sofas and roller tables. I’m assuming that it is the comfortable and unique structure that brings people back here.

Although the entrance was pretty compact, we were greeted with a very home like counter area where we met the lovely Malisha wearing a dark purple hand woven sarong. (Such a style catch!)


Despite the turnout of people for their lunch time, the interior was home like and calm with friendly staff who were very concerned about the quality of the food they served.  Malisha was very much interactive with her guests and treated them like they were invited for lunch.


We sat down at a pretty cosy two seater table and were patiently waiting till our meals arrived. (NOT like we survived on an empty stomach till 2 PM to get a review done.)

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We tried their simple mixed fruit juice (Rs.550)that was presented in a mason jar (my favourite) and a sealed straw- hygiene on point.




The first impression of this drink was that it tasted just like mama made it. Unlike a lot of fruit juices, this one didn’t have too thick or too thin of a consistency and had the perfect level of sugar for someone like me.  If you are a sugar freak, then I suppose you could ask for more sugar or take the plunge and order one of their Nutella milkshakes. Yum!


The Nutella milkshake ( Rs.550)

This was a personal favourite of my friend. I on the other hand would definitely indulge in one of this ONLY if I was having a bad day with a law exam. Not much of a sugar fan, but for a Nutella shake it was quite delicious. Repeating myself again, this one had a perfect level of sugar too. The best part of it was that it didn’t have anything crazy going on with chocolate sauce and all the candy from the Willy Wonka factory. If this particular Nutella shake was a person, it’d be down to earth and awesome.

I apologize for not having a picture – technical error. (Quite a cool phrase to use.)


As for the main meals, we decided to have a Peri peri chicken salad (Rs.750)and a Prawn & celery burger– a new addition to the menu!



The salad was probably the best I’ve had in ages. Even an avocado disliking person would eat it! It had a satisfying and generous amount of grilled and marinated chicken with salad leaves, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese. Almost forgot the garlic bread! The

7751bb74-6280-4894-a595-18d485973465highlight of this meal, for me, was the sun dried tomatoes and peri -peri sauce that was served on the side. The tomatoes added the perfect flavour to the already delectable chicken and the avocado balanced out any strong flavours.

Be an avocado, balance out life.

I already informed the café that I was coming back for it soon. This is a must try!


Secondly, we tried the new prawn & celery burger that had a pretty unique garnish with celery, red bell peppers and cucumbers which were all thinly sliced and dressed along with a layer of greens and a slice of cheese.


Being the first time I ever tried seafood based burger, the first impression was quite a good one.  The prawn patty is something any seafood lover would opt for. For a burger, the patty wasn’t soaking or drenching in oil unlike a lot of other burgers I’ve had and had a soft and chewy feel to it.

The best part about the burger was its proportionate creation. The patty, the garnish and the burger buns were all perfect and filling in it’s size.


However, I am unsure as to whether I would order this again. Being less of a seafood person, I would only “try” anything from under the seas rather than re ordering it.

The next time I visit Aura, I would love to try their Peri peri/ Tandoori chicken burger ,or a standard Beef burger (both Rs.900).

They served the burger on a wooden cutting board along with home fried oregano fries (another favourite)and a side of ketchup.



After very filling meals, we decided to try their dessert sorbets in passion fruit and raspberry (both Rs.250)

The colours of these are what grab your attention


Perfect for a hot sunny day!  As compared to the other desserts they have, this is a light and easy one to have after a heavy meal.

The raspberry was my choice. The flavour of the sorbet was a bit too sweet for my taste.


On the other end of the table was the passion fruit sorbet that had a very bright yellow colour and tangy- lemony flavour.

On trying both separately, I decided that the perfect flavour for me would be a mix of the both. They seemed to compliment each other pretty well. A sweet & sour passion- raspberry sorbet. I loved it, I wanted more!

Malisha did like the idea of a mix, but she was told that unlike ice-cream, sorbets tend to mix into each other and create a whole different colour.





Finally, we had a cup of coffee to tone down everything we had.



A mocha latte and a long black for my dear friend. There is not much to say about the usual coffee cups.

Ps. they have a new menu coming out soon, so go try all their older dishes so you don’t miss out on all the goodness. They are also planning on introducing a bunch of healthy additions to their menu for those who like to keep a watch on their calories and sugar.

All the shout outs you read and hear on the instagram page about the Aura café is true.  It’s a must try and must visit again spot!  https://www.instagram.com/auracafecolombo/?hl=en

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