5 Things You Didn’t Know About Yogurt

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In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, Justin Chapple reveals that yogurt can be quickly and easily transformed into delicious frozen dessert dots. That’s not the only surprising fact about yogurt. Here, five things you might not know about it.

It cured a French king. In 1542, King François I of France was suffering from serious gastrointestinal problems and none of his royal doctors could find a cure. He was lost, until one day Suleiman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (and an ally to France) sent one of his own doctors to the ailing Frenchman. The doctor gave François a Turkish remedy: yogurt. The king was cured, and the Western world got its first taste of yogurt.

It makes a great face mask. Instead of spending tons of money on miracle skin treatments, just pick up a tub of plain yogurt. Thanks to the high levels of lactic acid and zinc, it’s reportedly naturally exfoliating and helps ease inflammation.

It was first made by accident. Historians believe that yogurt was first discovered around 6,000 BCE when herdsmen in Central Asia first started milking their animals. Stored in animal stomachs in a warm environment, the milk curdled thanks to the stomach enzymes. The early peoples liked the flavor and the yogurt kept longer than milk, so the practice continued.

It fueled the Mongol hordes. There is evidence that Genghis Khan’s armies lived on yogurt made from milk taken from the horses they rode into battle. Known as kumis, the horse-milk yogurt was ultra-nutritious.

It cleans brass. If you need to clean brass in a pinch, just break out the yogurt. It’s great for revealing a brilliant shine. Simply dollop some yogurt onto a rag, rub onto the metal until it shines then wash off any extra yogurt with soap and hot water.

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