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Many South Asian countries are a ‘must travel destination’ for tourists around the globe. The folklore and cultural diversity is an allure for many. There are dedicated government operated travel and tourism boards in each country. The goal of these bodies is to attract tourist and promote the country as a travel destination. The tourism industry is a boon for many developing countries.

The developed countries are a host of modern marvels and technological conveniences. In comparison, the developing countries have a much better scope for tourism; owing to the rich biodiversity, cultural heritage and unexplored backdrops.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

‘Ceylon’ which now popularly known as Sri Lanka is an island country located in the southern region of the Indian subcontinent. The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo. Colombo is the business center and serves as the gateway and stopover point for international visitors. Sri Lanka is also remarked as the ‘Wonder of Asia’.

The government set up a tourism board as early as 1966. Back then, the tourism board was called as ‘Ceylon Tourist Board’ (CTB). The primary objective of this institution was to aid the economic development of the nation by promoting the tourism business. In time, the CTB was replaced by a newer legislation and the tourism board was renamed as ‘Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority’.

Sri Lanka also has a specialized government body called ‘Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau” or SLTPB. This statutory body manages hosts promotional and marketing activities to showcase the unique features to travelers around the world. Other partners include Sri Lanka Conventions Bureau and Institute of Hotel management.


What Does Sri Lanka offer to a Tourist

Sri Lanka is definitely a ‘Wonder of Asia’. This small island nation offers a multitude of experiences for visitors. Some of the prominent attractions are



  • Eco-Tourism


It can be said that Ecotourism business in Sri Lanka is a niche experience for visitors. The country is well renowned for its beaches with a long coastline and mountain peaks which are a scenic delight. The tropical beaches are still a home to the traditional fishing techniques which is unique to Sri Lanka.


  • Pilgrimage


Sri Lanka is abundant with cultural heritage and artistic monuments. It has a history rich with two major religions; Buddhism and Hinduism. Some of the renowned pilgrimages are Anuradhapura, The Temple of Tooth, Adams peak, Kataragama and many more.


Visiting Sri Lanka: Travel Portals for tourists


There are many online portals which help tourists in planning their trip to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Travel board website hosts a Travel Inquiry Management System or TIMS. Additionally, the board has approved many registered travel agents for promoting tourism. Some of the well-known travel agents and portals are listed below


  • 1A Senira Travels and Tours


Senira Travels is a part of a well-known construction company in Sri Lanka. It was established in 2014 has been well reputed as a travel agency. 1A Senira has a good network of hotels and vehicles. The motto of the agency to provide the ‘highest quality of experience”. Senira offers tour packages for 7 days, 11 days and 14 days. The most popular packages include a Cultural Tour package, An adventure tourism package, a heritage tour and an Ultimate Sri Lanka tour.


  • 360 Tours Lanka


360 Tours Lanka is a popular tourist portal. It has been in the Sri Lanka Tourism sector for over 10 years and has hosted many foreign travelers. They provide packages which include car rentals with drivers, hotel bookings, and reservations along with airport transfer services backed by a 24/7 customer support. 360 Tours Lanka caters to solo travelers. backpackers, families, and couples alike. The packages include wildlife tours, ayurvedic holiday tours, and honeymoon tours. Other day tours include trips to historic monuments to cities like Ratnapura, Colombo City, and Negombo City.


  • 8d Sri Lanka


One of the top-rated travel planners in TripAdvisor, ‘8d Sri Lanka’ is a well-known establishment in the Sri Lankan Tourism industry. 8d Sri Lanka creates custom tour packages for clients (group, couples and families, and even solo travelers). Some packages include

  • Wellness and spiritual programs
  • Adventure tourism
  • Nature retreats



  • A1 Travels


A1 Travels offers a wide range of services and caters to a diverse set of tourists. It is an admirable travel company which hosts a variety of packages. It also provides professional services well suited for high ranking corporate professionals. Facilities include

  • Escorted Transfers
  • Flight tickets, Air Taxi’s
  • Hotel Bookings and Car Rentals
  • Meetings, Seminars, and Conferences for business fairs

A1 Travels also provides other packages like ecotourism, wildlife tour, honeymoon packages, Sightseeing and VIP Tours and other optional tour packages.

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