Tiara Inspires Children to Plant Trees Keeping Environment Healthy and Green

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Inspiring the nation’s younger generation to value the preciousness of nature and trees, Tiara Cakes marketed by CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of conglomerate CBL Group, participated in a novel tree planting initiative recently.

Tiara organised the programme, held close to the Attanagalu Oya in Yakkala, in the Gampaha District, together with the nearby Temple and the children of the Dhamma School.

Senior Management of Tiara and representatives from the Community including a team from Thuru, a volunteer team dedicated to reforestation and the Forest Department attended the event.

Tiara’s objective is to encourage children to love and respect the environment, planting trees for the future, thereby having tremendous environmental value and contributing to the country’s ecosystem. Tiara’s aim is to continue this project of planting trees on an ongoing basis.

The Tiara tree planting effort is also aligned to the CBL’s group Thuru Saviya programme, a corporate social responsibility project which is on the environment sustainability agenda.

Commenting on this special drive, CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd General Marketing Manager Nilupul de Silva said, “Tiara is deeply committed to tree planting and community environmental stewardship. Through our partnership with the Thuru Team and the use of the Thuru App has enabled us to engage the Children and the community to improve the surrounding environment and support the nation in reforestation.”

Chief Priest of the Palliyagodella Sri Sumanaramaya, Yakkala, Venerable Nandaloka Thera added, “Through the noble act of planting 150 trees, Tiara and CBL have not only nourished this area but are ensuring natural rejuvenation of the surrounding vicinity. We wholeheartedly value this programme and believe the trees planted today will not only benefit our environment but also contribute to preserving our country’s natural reserves. Tiara has also provided stationery to our Dhamma School children and we truly appreciate this gesture.”  

The Thuru Team has also developed the Thuru App, harnessing the reforestation drive digitally. The progress of all the trees planted by Tiara and the Children can be monitored and progress reviewed regularly.  

Commenting on this programme, Devanee Jayathilaka, DFO, Gampaha Department of Forestry said, “We have joined CBL and the Thuru team to help increase the protected forest cover near the streams in the Yakkala area. Throughout Sri Lanka, Gampaha has been highlighted as an area which is depleted in trees with deforestation taking place and proportionately only 2% of land area is covered by forest even lower than in the populated Colombo district. The area chosen by CBL is an area ideally suited for their Thuru Saviya initiative. As a Department we appreciate their support towards our reforestation drive. We are engaged in several other unique projects and urge other corporates to join our cause. CBL has come forward to assist us voluntarily as they understand the grave importance of planting trees and we thank them wholeheartedly”.

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