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The KolambaYathra 2015

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“An InterfaithJourney for Sustainability”

KolambaYathra 2015 for Climate Change is the 3rdYathra of Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO-V). Previously, ECO-V has conducted two other Climate Yathras: the KelaniNadeeYathra – a river journey for climate justice (2011), and Paapedi a bicycle journey for climate justice (2013). The KolambaYathra takes place on 19September 2015,with support from Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) Australia, Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO), the Good Market and IUCN Sri Lanka.

The youth who are taking part in Yathras gain exposure to ‘green activities,’ serving as a gateway to personal and community behavioral change, while establishing groundwork and support for them to become ‘Green Youth Leaders.’ After participating in the Yathra, these engaged youthwill have an opportunity to conduct their own ‘green project’to combat climate changewithin their own communities, through the facilitation and support of ECO-V.

The KolambaYathra 2015-an interfaith journey for sustainability is aone-day program with at least 100 youth of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds walking around the city of Colombo-the commercial capital of Sri Lankato create awareness on Climate Change.

AllYathrees (the youth who will walk in the Yathra) will visit Gangarama temple, MuruganKovil, Dawatagaha Mosque and Fatima Roman Catholic Church during the Yathra day along a pre-planned route. They will discuss respective practices and perspectives (including their own) on climate change andat 4.00PM, a public event will be held at the Good Market, Racecourse Ground, Colombo.  Dr. Stephen Bygrave, the CEO of the Australian Beyond ZeroEmissions, several Sri Lankan governmental ministers, a diverse representation of Sri Lankan faith leaders and children of the Colombo community will attend the public event. This public event will take place by the car park of the Colombo Racecourse where the Good Market open-air event is held.


  1. The main objective of this Yathra is to raise awareness of climate change issues acrossthe Colombo public, to engage religious and political leadership on climate change action, and most particularly to engage youth in modeling and action for eco-friendly, sustainable methods, climate change education and adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity restoration and conservation efforts.
  2. It is intended to support the global event, the “People’s Pilgrimage” which is gathering a global ‘critical mass’ of grassroots and spiritual leaders in an interlinked global ‘climate Yathra’ or pilgrimage, collecting climate stories, and gathering local voices and messaging to bring to the global leaders at the pinnacle inter-governmental climate talks, COP 21, in Paris this November and December2015. This is undertaken in concert with the Pan-Asian ICE Network, the African ‘We Have Faith’ climate caravan, and the Our Voices platform.

You can find more about the event on Facebook: KolambaYathra 2015 page. If you are interested in joining us and  be a green leader to talk about Climate Change and make people aware on how they can contribute in reducing the impact of climate change on mother nature, please contact us.

Like our page on Facebook: KolambaYathra 2015

Fill the online registration from (link mentioned on Facebook page)

For further information: Contact Ms KanchanaWeerakoon on 0718098847

Also you can meet us at the Good Market at Racecourse Ground, Colombo on Saturday, 12 September 2015.

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