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With the expertise held within the field of wedding Photography and Videography, The Barnhouse Studio is the latest initiative by Studio U, conceived as one holistic photographic location, architecturally articulated specifically for wedding photography and videography and all other imperative services related to the concept of a wedding.

With the expertise Studio U holds in the field of wedding Photography and Videography, expanding their scope, the Banquet Hall of the Barnhouse studios provides a thematic ambience of an Old-English Barnhouse, specifically designed for Wedding Ceremonies and all other celebrations and events. Fulfilling the aim of performing across a variety of platforms, as a novel intervention, the Barnhouse Studio offers Luxury Chalets for Newlyweds with the intention of functioning as a Honeymoon Location.

The marque “Barnhouse” was originated along with the approach to the design, under the theme of an Old English Barnhouse, where each element is architecturally crafted in synchronization with the theme. The Barnhouse strongly adheres to architectural notions such as resilience, adaptability and strategies such as recycle, upcycle, and reuse and reduce, incorporating materials which are abandoned and also easily found in the neighborhood. Utilizing salvaged shipping pallets as the main material of construction, adding a secondary value to an abandoned product, the Barnhouse Studio is the first building in Sri Lanka to be entirely constructed out of shipping pallets.

Aiming towards being established as the main service provider for photography and videography field in the coming years, A few of the most imperative and paramount services by the Barnhouse Studios are a Holistic location for photography and videography for weddings, Fashion shows, Beauty pageants, Commercials, TV shows, Drama and Theatre etc. The state of the art studio complex provides adaptable and flexible sets that could be easily customized in creating the required atmosphere and ambiance. The Barnhouse provides an array of High-end photography and Videography equipment in complying with needs of all caliber.

Never the less, playing the role of a visitor center, The Barnhouse is all inclusive of café’s, restaurants, swimming pools and a range of recreational facilities, away from the mundane metropolitan atmosphere.


The Barnhouse Studio

Location: No. 155/9, 2nd Lane, Galpotta Road, Kiriberiya, Panadura

Design and Concept: Ajith Mohan Perera, Yashodha Perera

Website: www.thebarnhousestudio.lk , www.barnhouse.lk

Contact No: +94768598084

Email: info@barnhouse.lk

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