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Survival Strategies to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

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You can never be entirely sure what will happen when you visit a new country. Will the people be friendly? Will the food be good? What about the weather, will it be able to hold out while I’m there?

How about asking, “Am I prepared for this country and have I researched important nuances about culture and other aspects?” This is so often overlooked by us all as we blissfully assume life will be as it is back home and nothing untoward will happen.

The fact is, things can and will happen when you’re abroad. You might find yourself caught in a cultural frying pan as you’ve accidentally offended all of the locals by dressing inappropriately, or worse, found yourself in unfamiliar territory and being victim to a tourist trap.

While these dangers are ever-present, there is a way to minimize the risk; Mike’s Gear Reviews. Pulling together a list of essential tips and tricks to keep YOU safe while travelling abroad, the infographic below is a must read for anyone planning a trip in the near future!

Source: https://www.mikesgearreviews.com/safety-tips-traveling-infographic/


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