Sri Lankan music group “Ko-Ahh” in Liverpool,UK

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Liverpool based music group popularly known as Ko-Ahh was formed in 2015 by a group of young artists who took part in singing Bakthi Gee at Liverpool Sri Sambuddha Viharaya. It was not intended to be permanent at the very beginning. However, having realised group’s potential, it was decided by Chandana, Janaka, Niroshan and Jayaweera to form a new music band.

Ko-Ahh group is consisting of many talented young male and female singers supported by Gihan de Silva, an amazing keyboard player and the lead guitar. Our intention is not based on commercial gains- in fact, we have performed many musical shows in support of community and religious events without charging these organisations.

Since Bakthi Geetha, our group have performed a number of musical shows including Liverpool Christmas party held in December 2015, new – year celebration held in Nottingham in April 2016 and most importantly, musical show (Miuru Gee) organised by board of directors of Liverpool Sri Sambuddha Viaharaya on June 10, 2016 at Abhaya in Podihai in Liverpool in aid of its Building Development Project.



Currently, we are working with one of the most talented and popular Sri Lankan musicians, Nilantha Sri Pathirana. We will sing Poson Bakthi Gee on 26th of June at Liverpool Sri Sambuddha Viharaya with Nilanthasiri Pathiranage. We have already organised another musical show, Liverpool Summer Night, with Nilanthasiri to be held on July 15, 2016 in Liverpool. This is the first of its kind going to be held in Liverpool. Admission for this memorable event is free. All are welcome.

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