Softlogic introduces “HappyOrNot”

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A terminal that measures customer satisfaction in an instant

Softlogic Information Technologies, one of Sri Lanka’s premier IT companies and a subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC, have collaborated with “HappyOrNot’, a customer and employee satisfaction measuring and reporting automated solution with the aim of offering guaranteed satisfaction improvement for businesses in Sri Lanka.

“HappyOrNot” together with Softlogic aims to measure your emotions from smileys to frownies one touch point away. The smileys indicate the satisfaction level of the customers, who decide to press the button of their choice which best relates to their current experience. Business can learn how well they perform to their service promise by collecting feedback instantly at the point-of-experience. Smiley Terminals capture the feedback, and Reporting Service analyses and reports all customer feedback data back, satisfying the global service standard measurements framework which would be vital towards the overall improvement of the relevant business.

The best businesses in the world are driven by the mechanism of measure, follow and improve. HappyOrNot enables businesses to follow this process with the real-time data made available to understand one’s internal and external customers better. HappyOrNot is leading to enhance the productivity of the businesses whilst ensuring customers receive the best services as a result.

The product has been designed to focus on business segments such as retail, healthcare, transportation, services and human resources, as well as any other industry which pursues customer satisfaction ranks.

Roshan Rasool, Director/CEO Softlogic Information Technologies said, “To understand the satisfaction level of any customer is not an easy task especially when they seek a service and product and do not entirely respond with any remark in an instant manner. A terminal such as this will not only entice any customer to try feeding in a remark in a simple way as pressing a button but the businesses that use it will be able to gain vital information which would assist that company and leverage towards achieving their core business goals and improve their company’s outlook as a result.”

There are countless online survey sites that approach customers and seek their feedback but sometimes such platforms do not always provide an instant analysis. The HappyOrNot product acts in 3 ways – Measure, Follow and Improve. The 4 Smileys that depict customer preference will listen to customers and employees in all environments, give a full overview of the company’s physical and digital service performance measuring the feedback instantly, on location and online.

An intelligent cloud-based reporting service will help understand the performance through the feedback results to track and follow the performance. Finally, it shares the feedback results internally and discusses improvement initiatives which will have further positive impacts on the business success. The innovative way in which smileys are collected and analysed instantly allows for a speedy result. A few good examples of airports which currently implement the HappyOrNot platform are Dulles International and Reagan National Airports in the USA.

Softlogic takes pride in introducing HappyOrNot, the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. HappyOrNot deliver clients world-class service on time – without exceptions. HappyOrNot’s broad experience in both European and US markets has enabled to gather an extensive worldwide market intelligence database. It currently serves several global industry leaders such as Lego, Microsoft, McDonalds, Baptist Healthcare, Zara, eBay, NIKE and IKEA.

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