Sigiriya Rock Fortress and City

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Sigiriya Rock Fortress is believed to be built during the 5th century by an obsessed monarch named King Kashyapa. He is one of the the successor of the great King Parakrama Bahu. The Mahavamsa ( Sri Lankan ancient book which has written the history of Sri Lanka ) says that King Kashyapa has taken the control of his father’s kingdom after killing him and made Sigiriya (meaning ‘The lion rock’) as his central ruling point which later turned to be an astonishing milestone of Sri Lankan engineering and architectural designs at a time knowledge was limited and rare. Due to the formation of the fortress, its very own frescoes, sky palace and the architecture, Sigiriya became world renowned and considered as the 8th wonder of the Earth.

Badalgama – on the way to Sigiriya

Sigiriya rock Fortress

King Kashyapa considered as a perfectionist who wished to have everything in its perfect shape and finish. In spite of his misdeeds and cruelty over his father, anyone who comes to see this magnificent creation would have fallen in love with king Kashyapa for his eye for beauty and art.

sigiriya paintings

This sky palace has been a tourist attractions from good old days . Those who were coming from far away places to see this have gone so obsessed with the beauty of the frescoes and have recorded their true emotions and sentiments as graffiti on the walls. From 1st millennium up to date ,the appreciation over Sigiriya is unbeatable.

Sigiriya rock fortress

The view from far is so charming that invites the on- lookers to climb up to the summit.The climb is strenuous but not hard.Starting from the lion.s staircase there are about 1200 steps leading on to the ruins on the top.The entry which is in ruins now ,has been built originally in a shape of a crouching lion with big eyes and mouth agape as to frighten anyone who dared to approach this majestic city of those days.

On top of Sigiriya Sky Palace

Sigiriya Rock fotress garden

While taking the steps,take breaks to admire the beauty of frescoes which are believed to be the ladies of king.s harem. Sigiriya mirror wall,a gleaming white paraper wall built into the side of Sigiriya rock , is of significance important as a testament of ancient craftsmanship. The wall is so polished that it could reflect the paintings from the opposite rock surface.One will go mesmerized with the and the view from the top.Early morning and late afternoon are the best to take the climb and there are thousands of tiny little things untold and yet to be discovered on your own and to be cherished on the summit.
Once being to the top of Sigiriya will surely be a life time experience with much to recollect on.

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