River cruise to the melodies of nature with Cinnamon Citadel Kandy

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Cinnamon Citadel Kandy, nestled in the hill country, overlooking the Mahaweli River, offers the soothing serenity a laid-back visitor yearns for. The tranquil nature of the stunning environment that surrounds the hotel flows through the entire experience, both within the confines of the hotel and the lush green landscape.

Whilst guests bask in the peaceful, calm and relaxing ambience, they are welcome to embark on a boat ride along Sri Lanka’s longest river, the Mahaweli, to further enrich this idyllic escape from the mundane. The smooth lull of the boat on Mahaweli waters, is no ordinary boat ride; guests will travel with expert naturalists attached to Cinnamon Nature Trails, the eco-tourism and excursions arm of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, further enhancing the excursion via the flashes of colour and the melodious chirps of the endemic bird life.

Sashaying through the Mahaweli, guests will spot an array of wetland birds, the long-legged Herons, the family oriented Cranes and the brightly coloured Kingfishers. Amphibians and reptiles too lurk in and around the banks of the river, exposing visitors to an almost utopian-like co-existence of diverse species.

The dense bio-diversity in the vicinity enables guests the ability to spot bird-life and wildlife even while dining at the main restaurant of the hotel – ‘Panorama’, which opens out to the breathtaking view of the Mahaweli and the surrounding mountain range. A dip in the pool, surrounded by natural landscapes, will further envelop guests into the magical healing properties that nature offers in abundance.

While all guests who visit Cinnamon Citadel Kandy thrive on the scenic beauty of Kandy and the pure bliss that a Zen atmosphere brings, the expert naturalists of Cinnamon Nature Trails are well equipped to cater to avid bird watching and nature enthusiasts. With the skilful guidance of the naturalists, visitors may venture out of the hotel premises and walk through the forests, trek on the Knuckles mountain range, climb the Adams Peak and camp on the Horton Plains.

All experts necessary for professional level bird watching are available in-house. Guests are therefore welcome to take Cinnamon Nature Trails up on the offer of stepping out of the hotel and into the wetland forests to explore the vibrant birdlife that flutter about. Expert naturalists will ensure that they spot as many birds as the visitor’s time will allow. Passionate bird watchers are recommended to spend 10 to 15 days in order to see all 30 endemic bird species and most of the 169 migrant birds among the 490 bird species in existence in the country. Sri Lanka, being a tropical country is blessed with a year round birding season and is the ideal destination for ardent bird watchers any time of the year.

Cinnamon Citadel Kandy offers guests a relaxing getaway on one of the country’s most culturally rich regions. The hotel is best known for its amazing views from any part of its premises. Located just 15-20 minutes from the town, visitors can explore much more than the excursions within the vicinity as the hotel is situated inconvenient proximity to gain access to the Peradeniya botanical gardens, the Temple of the Tooth relic or the Udawatte Kele sanctuary to mention a few.

For inquiries and reservations, contact 2 161 161.

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