“POINT OF VIEW” Art Exhibition by Joanna Adams Jayawardana

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Joanna Adams Jayawardana well known Compeer/Emcee, owner of JHA Solutions Pvt Ltd, TV Show host and Artist

Have you organized any other art exhibitions?

1st Exhibition was in 2002, at the Lionel Wendt gallery titled RUSH OF COLOURS which showcased over 85 different paintings

What made you think about art?

I’m known for my compeering but I think it comes as a surprise to many when I say that I draw. I’ve loved drawing since I was a little girl and my mom saw that I had a talent for it so I used to take up art classes after school as well. I studied art with Mrs. Priyanthi Wijeratne who was a wonderful teacher and mentor and also took part in Art exhibitions done by her as well as the ones held when I was in school by the teen art club which I was a member of during my senior years.

What inspires you?

Life and its experiences is what inspire me. Being able to translate a feeling, an emotion or an experience through art in your own unique way is something wonderful. I have been inspired by many different artists, Senaka Senanayake, Marie alles Fernando just to name two who are well known in Sri Lanka. I also like the work of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Johannes Vermeer but I always loved Picasso, I find his work the most inspiring.

What mode of art do you love the most?

I like working with both oil and acrylics but I also like to experiment with other things like saw dust, recycled bits and pieces and black and white news paper, I like the way it ages and changes shade over time taking that antique faded look

What made you think about an exhibition?

I wanted to do one for some time. My fist exhibition was brought to life because of my mom who got everything done for me. Losing her, I lost the feel and the inspiration to paint for a while, then work got in the way, finally last year I just felt I wanted to try out my new style of art, so I decided to take on my second exhibition and hope to continue it every 2 years at the Lionel Wendt as I find it a fantastic location. At my 1st exhibition I painted everything from scenic to portrait and more, but now I’ve found my own style, my signature as an artist.

What will be in store for the visitors?

Well it’s an interpretation of tribal portrait modern art and how tribal people connect with nature, life, beliefs etc its full of colour and each painting has its own story which I look forward to seeing the guest and visitors enjoy the paintings which will also be up for sale if anyone wishes to purchase

When and where will the event be held?

At the Lionel Wendt art gallery, on the 16th and 17th of March, open from 9.00am to 6.30pm








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