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Grace Wickremasinghe

I met the beautiful and talented baking prodigy, Anisha Nareshkumar to review her creations.

She has been baking since she was 15 (2011) and was encouraged by her brother to go public. Thank God for that nudge!

Along with her grand-mums’ cooking skills and under the influence of her perfectionist of a mom, young Anisha made way as a baker. Anisha had very clear cut rules about her work and it clearly depicted a great passion about her work.


“I need to give people exactly what they want in terms of taste and appearance, my age is not an excuse.”

She made up her own recipes through trial and error method and says the best part about baking cakes is decorating them. Having a creative eye for themes, her customized cakes have become her specialty.

Check out this cute cake she gifted us.


This was a classic ribbon cake, known typicaly for Lankan birthdays.

The fondant was home made from scratch as she dislikes the taste of the store bought fondant. Which I agree with, you can really taste the difference. Anisha also doesn’t like to keep the cake refrigerated because the cakes won’t taste as good.

When I finally had a slice of this cake I understood what she was talking about. It was a super soft butter cake melting in my mouth in colours of sea green and pink and it was sandwiched with regular butter cream. This Rs.1800 (upwards ) cake can easily feed at least 15 people.





Then I tried the vanilla cup cakes (Rs. 160/= each)


The cupcake was again just as soft and fluffy as the cake. There was butter cream in the middle which gave a nice twist. Icing was quite thick and is ideal for a sweet tooth.


 Finally it was Nutella Fudge Brownies (Rs.175/- a piece)


This is hands down one of the best brownies I have had. The chunky pieces of gooey chocolate was heavenly. It was heated and soft, melting in to a fudge-gasm in my mouth.

UntitledssAnisha told me they come in her cake jars (Rs.375 – 400) and even in the bottom of her chocolate cakes.


Tip : Must try with Vanilla ice cream, or microwaved Peanut Butter. The combination is beyond brilliant.

Anisha wanted to thank her family and friends for helping turn a simple hobby into something this amazing.

Finally, I can guarantee that her cakes are as good as they look!


Check out Anisha’s cakes on:


You can contact her via 0773394394

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