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July 2016 witnessed the emergence of “Mount Lavinia Beach lovers” aka MLBL… A unique multi-phase community project powered by a small, committed group of artistes, musicians and beach lovers, the project’s mission is to transform Mt. Lavinia beach into a safe, clean, sustainably operating artistic, model “Green Beach” in Sri Lanka by raising awareness, cleaning the beach & designing sustainable solutions to bring about changes we all want to see in the world… All MLBL’s events feature entertainment & refreshments! – Free for volunteers!

MLBL’s first phase, a regular beach cleanup & awareness campaign to enlist community support, was initiated in July ’16 followed by the 2nd edition in September. People from all communities came together to support the clean up operation and enjoy chill out sessions featuring interactive art installations by MLBL’s creative artists, live music guest spots and chilled beach tunes all day, creating an awesome community day vibe. The next one is on the 30th of October.

A peek into project plans:

• Phase 01- A series regular beach cleanups begin to raise awareness & enlist supporters
• Phase 02- Establishment of an effective litter disposal system
• Phase 03- Wastewater Management System implementation
• Phase 04- Restoration of mangroves and foliage within planned areas
• Phase 05- Setting up of a community center for MLBL
• Phase 06- Reconstruction of the reef and Green Energy implementation Connect to MLBL on Facebook, get updates & get involved in the upcoming events!

https://www.facebook.com/mountlaviniabeachlovers/?fref=ts Contact: mt.laviniabeachlovers@yahoo.com or 0722241174 for more information

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