Morning After cures for Lankans

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By Grace Wickremasinghe

It’s January and we are all trying to settle with books and work to be a more productive individual this year, swearing that we will never party or stress as hard as 2015, but really, who are we kidding?

We are already a hot mess!

I am not only talking about remedies for hangovers, but remedies after a long night of dancing, week of exams or work related stress or simply being jetlagged. Here are a few personal favourite cures.

Sleep or an overdue power nap

Most of the time you’re purely just exhausted and you’re anxious because you feel guilty for partying or nervous for results. Best way is to listen to some music and pass out until you wake up on your own to no alarms.

King Coconut

Thambili is God’s best way out of a rough night. It’s refreshing and keeps you hydrated. If you can’t find any, Cakery and Coffee Bean both have bottles of Fresh chilled King coconut juice. Even your local supermarket will have Heladiv King Coconut and Green Tea bottles or some fruit flavoured Delma Iced tea or Nestle Iced Tea would do the trick. I also love the pre made narang juice with chilled plain tea.

On that note, bear in mind to drink Water before you sleep after a long night to avoid headaches all together.

Coffee is always a good idea if you have to crawl out of bed for meeting or a class. The fresh aroma will make you cheerful and will give you plenty energy. Expo Coffee on Anderson Road in Dehiwala provides an amazing jug of hot coffee and is my preferred spot. https://www.facebook.com/expocoffee11/?fref=ts


In terms of food, Lime Juice and a Cheese Kottu from Pilawoos right before sleeping at 4am seems like a good idea however avoid cheese and milo if you feel pukish.


I always crave Polo Sambol with Chicken and Basmathi rice the second the plane hits the grounds and a spicy local brunch always does the trick for me.

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