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12002270_10206691087609435_519054139700384424_nBy Grace Wickremasinghe

The whole of December Chatz was buzzing with the young crowd who gathered for pre drinks before a night out. They are best known for their mixed friend rice by the corkage free deals (as long as shandy and rice was bought from there, Rs.750 per head) Alongside their own Karaoke nights (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and live band sessions Chatz on Horton Place has definitely become a hot spot in town.



The outside area is more drink-friendly while the inside is comfortable for family dinners or business lunches. They have additional dishes to their new menu as of this year and we tried a cross section of dishes from their international cuisine.


Their Rosemary chicken(Rs.1190)was grilled with a lovely mashed potatoes and veges such as carrots and beans, however while the chicken was ample and tender I wished the carrots were boiled more. Mashed potatoes on its own was smooth and creamy. The sauce was pretty yummy as well.



Next was the mixed seafood fried rice Rs.820 (S) and Rs. 1450 (L) It was showered in mainly prawns and you can just eat with the chillie paste.


Ideal dish for the health nuts was the Stir fried Broccoliand baby corn with black mushroom sauce. (S) 790 (L)1190 it was pretty tasty and mind you, this is coming from an all-time broccoli hater.


Diced chicken with cashew nuts for Rs.790 (s) Rs.1300 (L) was absolutely delicious. The chicken was soft and the roasted cashew nuts went along wit the sweet sauce.


The double cooked pork belly was no second in the taste department for Rs.1850. Thepieces of pork just melted in my mouth.


Next we had the Prawn Fajita for Rs.1190. Personally I only liked the grilled prawn dish with bell pepper and cheese. It’s the savior here though they could have been more generous with the cheese. The Mexican plate over all was bland. Salsa was not spicy at all and tasted too local. Refried beans weren’t anything above average. Mexican rice was okay-ish and the Guacamole and the sour cream was too watery! But I must say once it was all wrapped up in the Tortilla with the prawns it was much better.



Next I had the mint lime slush and it was pretty good and refreshing. Might be too sour for some people’s taste but I liked it just fine. (Rs.350)


Saving the best for last, this is probably one of the best deals I have seen for a crab dish. The Chatz spicy crab (500g) was accompanied by a spicy pol sambol and kadee paan. I also had the option of rice but I went for the roast bread. This was absolutely beautiful and made me so happy. A must try dish here. (Rs.1980)


Mr.Samarapala, their main chef is after over 38 year of experience from Hotel Taj Samudra. No wonder the dishes were so good!


They also have home-made desserts, but that’s for another time.

They host parties as well in the garden area and with a small modern hall inside. Call them up on 011- 2722688

They have a Valentine’s day promotion with a Western three course meal and free glass of red wine.


Over all, it’s affordable and conveniently located and most of the dishes were pretty good. I’d give Chatz a 3.5/5!


No.79 Horton Place,Colombo 7



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