How To Make Smartphone Young Forever?

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Since the phone become “smart”, whether it is PDA in earlier period, or today’s two major smartphone operation system – iOS and Android, are facing the complaints that the smartphone is getting slower after a few months usage, which is a huge concern.

However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the problems that have plagued us in the past are now being solved almost by Huawei.

Recently, the German well-known independent product testing magazine “Connect” published an article after went through a series tests of the performance with different phones, the HuaweiP10 and P10 plus “Born Fast, Stay Fast” achieved satisfactory results.
“Connect” gives the 3 factors that cause smartphone speed loss:

Firstly, the number of installed APPs and in particular, the number of APPs running in the backend. These require a lot of resources, such as storage space, computing time and communications services.

The fragmentation of the file system due to the long use of the mobile phone also means a loss of speed. Like a PC, the smartphone distributes the files into different storage areas in order to use the space reserves. As a result, the data required to execute the command is no longer loaded in one or same block, but requires repeated memory access.
And finally, with increasing usage, the databases for messages, phone calls, contacts, photos, music, video files are growing. This requires greater search effort when certain information is required.

Based on above 3 factors, “Connect” had conducted thetestings across different smartphones with different operation system. And Huawei P10 and P10 Plus with EMUI 5.1 win the testswhich gain the lowest system aging rate.
As conclusion of the editor of Connect- Bernd Theiss that, Huawei successfully analyzed the problem and have found the root causes of smartphone slowin a long run. A software solutions that would maintain the performance of a smartphone far better than what was previously possible, even with a large amount of data and a high degree of utilization. The fact that Huawei is also allowing those who bought the top model of previous generation and mid-to-low end product to benefit from “Stay fast”.

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