A resilient Hameedia, Phoenix-like, promises to rise from the ashes

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In the aftermath of the massive fire that broke out on Saturday 12th May 2018 at the Hameedia main storage facility at Borupana Road, Ratmalana, causing extensive damage to the building and goods inside, the Hameedia Team wishes to extend its heartfelt gratitude to those who extended their support during this tragedy.

“Together with my undaunted Team, I wish to thank everyone who supported us during this terrible catastrophe. Our journey which spans 70 years has had its share of triumphs and challenges. We have always resolutely faced everything that came our way. Ours is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic organisation. We are more than just a business since we thrive on giving back to the community, and this is the predominant reason for expansion despite years of facing various storms. Our success thus far has been primarily due to the commitment of our dedicated staff and also our thousands of loyal customers spread across the world. We are determined to face this adversity with resilience and rapidly bounce back as we reminiscence our humble beginnings, when we started the journey with nothing,” said Fouzul Hameed, Managing Director of the Hameedia Group.

“We greatly appreciate the instant support rendered to us by our staff, customers, neighbours, Sri Lanka Fire Brigade, Army, Police, Air Force, STF, Disaster Management Unit, Electricity Board, political and religious dignitaries, the fire-fighting units from Dehiwala – Mount Lavinia, Moratuwa and the Colombo Municipal Council and many, many others. Since the onset of the fire we have been inundated with calls and messages from all parts of the world, and every form of support, and are extremely grateful for it. Thank you once again for having continued faith in us for the past 70 years. We humbly request you to keep us in your prayers as we now, Phoenix-like, embark on a new era”, he added.

Hameed affirmed that the Company has sufficient stocks to cater to customers for more than three months. In fact its Wholesale sector, Adidas, Manufacturing and other sectors are already back in operation. The Hameedia Online Purchase option is also fully functional.

In an effort to further streamline its service to customers in the aftermath of the fire, Hameedia has parallelly set up a Virtual Support Service / Concierge Service whereby customers can immediately contact the following persons in case they are unable to find any specific item they are looking for :

Hussain Sadique (0777355554 / hussain_s@hameedia.lk)
Chinthaka Wanigasekara (0777551057 / gm_hsm@hameedia.lk)
Chintana Meemaduma (0777122221 / mktint@hameedia.lk)
A T M. Farzan (0777255888 / manager_operations@hameedia.lk)

During a span of seventy years, Hameedia has grown exponentially taking the brand beyond the shores to reach a worldwide clientele who value the eclectic fashion sense of our island home. Despite the trials and tribulations faced throughout the years, Hameedia continues its commitment towards its burgeoning local and international customers and the community by imprinting the lives of those who have shared their success story and stood by them through the best and worst times of their seventy year voyage.

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