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French lace – the story unfolds

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Exhibition at MOD’ART International & Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology
Saturday 18 June to Friday 24 June

Colombo Tuesday 31 May 2016. Mod’ ART International Sri Lanka in collaboration with Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology (LIFT) present an innovative exhibition titled ‘French lace – the story unfolds’ which will take visitors on a journey of the multiple uses of French lace, both in couture and design.


A part of the annual ‘French Spring Festival 2016’ presented by the Embassy of France and the network of the Alliance Francaise in Sri Lanka, this novel exhibition is open to the public from Saturday 18 June to Friday 24 June (Mon-Friday 9am to 4 pm and Sat from 9am to 1pm) at Mod’Art International, No 87, Horton Place, Colombo 07.

Lace is timeless, delicate, romantic and sensuous. The complexity of lace patterns and their delicate craftsmanship have always fascinated designers. Lace is also ordinarily defined as a fine piece of fabric but despite its implied fragility, it holds special power in the sartorial world. Incorporating lace into a design requires more than just a good eye and skilled sewing; it must be contemplated beyond simple construction to intent and impression.

This year the students of Mod’ART Sri Lanka and the Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology will together create innovative pieces of art by using French lace. They will weave a tapestry of ideas and innovations to create exquisite style statements and bring concepts to life.


Harnessing their creativity, these students will create unconventional fashion products such as trendy umbrellas, modern face veils with hats, men’s shirts, ties, shoes, mobile phone covers and many other items incorporating lace as decorative fabric.

“Lace is a very intricate and elegant fabric to work with. This has been a great opportunity for us students to develop and bring our ideas to life,” said Tarine Mendis, a first year student of the Bachelor in Fashion Design at Mod’ ART. “There are many possibilities when it comes to manipulating lace and the chance to use our creativity to create something elegant is exciting”

For every student, this project is also a challenge. “Not only would their ideas play a role, but the technical side of making each piece skillfully will bring about character,” said Managing Director of Mod’Art Niroshani Leanage. “Going beyond the customary routine, this exhibition will emphasise the variation of this timeless fabric while blending it with modern fashion and style showcasing the craftsmanship and quality of our students’ work.”

Mod’Art and LIFT designers will showcase their talent on recycling and creative concepts of this special French designed lace produced by Noyon Lanka. Noyon Dentelle Calais and MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd partnered together in establishing Noyon Lanka in 2005. This was the largest private sector French investment in Sri Lanka at that time

There will be various other innovative concepts that emerge through fashion such as couture collections, signature looks of international design houses, converting men’s wear to women’s wear, footwear and accessory product designs and lingerie collections developed with French lace.

Mod’Art international and Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology (LIFT) are the only specialised fashion campuses in Sri Lanka that deliver Fashion Design and Fashion Management undergraduate and post graduate courses from Paris.

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