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Four In Hand is Sri lanka’s newest venture

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Four In Hand is Sri lanka’s newest venture, in a space that hasn’t been given too much limelight on the island yet, mens fashion. But that’s about to change!

The brand is a small scale business specialising in male suiting accessories. They specialise in a few unique products that they feel add a great deal of value to a man’s outfit. The tie, the bow tie and the pocket square are considered “outfit game changers” by them which is why they’re working to bring the best of those products to your hands. Whether it’s for a wedding, a casual function or just for work, looking your best is important and a tie can always push an average look well above expectations.

Sri Lankan mens fashion is still at an immature stage in comparison to a lot of other countries. Most men on the island like to stick to what they know when it comes to attire and refuse to stand out. With very few crazy colours or patterns to experiment with, men in Sri Lanka are forced to sport the usual blues, reds, blacks and greys. Four In Hand hopes to change this with products covering a broad range of colours and patterns. Greens, Yellows, Maroons to Paisleys, Plaids and Twills along with several other designs will all be available for you to make a statement with. They’re also bringing back the infamous knitted tie along with some interesting wool pieces.

The business primarily serves consumers through social media. So catch them on Instagram and Facebook. See anything you like on their page, get in touch with them and they’ll work out a way to get the goods too you. We encourage you to be adventurous with your selections, it’ll pay off.

Instagram- @4inhandtie
Facebook – www.facebook.com/4inhnd
Phone – 0771135703

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