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FOOTRUB opens its doors at One Galle Face

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FOOTRUB, undoubtedly the country’s most experienced and reputed provider of wellness massage, opened its doors at Shangri-La’s One Galle Face shopping mall. Located at L3-37 (Level 3), FOOTRUB’s newest centre offers a much needed break from the fast-paced urban life.

Indulging in a massage is likely to become a ‘must do’ for shoppers exploring the vast expanse of retail at One Galle Face. As the mall is an integral component of the Shangri-La development, FOOTRUB will be well positioned to serve the likes of hotel guests, office workers and residents of the One Galle Face luxury apartments.

FOOTRUB’s One Galle Face centre has the capacity to serve ten customers simultaneously. The larger shop space provides customers with a greater sense of privacy and exclusivity in an open-plan setting. The controlled environment maintained within its ‘treatment area’ has been care-fully thought of and tastefully appointed to create an ambience conducive to rest and relaxation.

The range of services offered on FOOTRUB’s OGF menu include its renowned Reflexology foot massages, Shiatsu seated massages, Indian head massages, wellness pedicure and an express mani-cure. Pricing of its services remains consistent with that of FOOTRUB’s other Colombo based wellness centres, enabling FOOTRUB’s services to be afforded by a cross section of people who indulge in massage for self-care.

Since its inception in 2002, FOOTRUB has remained true to providing fully-clothed massage, eliminating the need for massage oils or creams to be applied. This ideology has created a range of highly effective, hassle-free massage sequences that provide lasting relief, although the massages themselves are administered within a short space of 20 or 30 minutes.

As there is no disrobing involved, FOOTRUB’s massages can be enjoyed irrespective of cultural values, social norms & ethnicity. Each of FOOTRUB’s massage routines have been scientifically designed, tested and perfected by the company’s long-standing British and European trainers who periodically train and certify each of FOOTRUB’s practitioner to ensure massage treatments provid-ed comply with internationally accepted standards.

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