Epitom Consulting wins top Leadership Award at World HRD Congres

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Premier training and marketing consultancy company Epitom Consulting won the ‘Best Global Training and Development Leadership’ Award at the World HRD Congress held in Mumbai, India recently. Founder/Director of Epitom, Ragulan Tharmakulasingham received the prestigious award in the presence of around 1800 participants from over 100 countries at the event.

The award conferred on Epitom Consulting is in recognition of its immense contribution to the sphere of training and development on a local and global scale. Epitom received this coveted award due to its excellence in offering qualified professionals, locally and internationally exposed experts to its clientele as its results-driven approach and excellence in the field of training further strengthens its customised programmes.

“I am grateful to all our trainers who have been with Epitom since its foray into training which commenced in 2011. It is through the team’s commitment, dedication and the continuous work towards innovation and empowerment of individuals and corporates that the dream has become a reality. We are honoured to receive this global recognition as a testament to our training and approach,” said Founder/Director of Epitom Consulting, T. Ragulan, adding that this award is a milestone in Epitom’s journey to achieve excellence in all aspects of its illustrious journey.

The mantra ‘We guide you to Success,’ drives Epitom Consulting to offer the best in terms of operations. The brand ‘Epitom’ was the result of a young, ambitious entrepreneur who envisioned a multi-faceted training facility that can cater to unique corporate needs. Epitom provides efficiency, expertise, and professionalism to ensure the satisfaction of its customers from inception. The competence and drive further guaranty optimum success for their clients as the company has created great waves in the industry within a short space of time.

The business portfolio is mainly categorised as Consultancy and Corporate Training, with the latter comprising public workshops, internal training and corporate training courses. Thus far they have conducted over 500 internal trainings, 60 public workshops and 20 courses.

The World HRD Congress It is considered the body which provides a footstool to corporate entities through several award schemes which recognise the contribution made towards the training and development category through a comprehensive scheme, which entitles the nominees to secure renowned world awards such as the ‘Best Global Training and Development Leadership Award. This award is offered to the best performing organisations and individuals in the field of training and development across the globe.

The World HRD Congress which commemorates its silver jubilee this year, was established for the sole purpose of gaining ground in the corporate world as a syndicate in establishing standards in the ever-evolving corporate forum. By setting the benchmark in competent market trends, it enables professionals to establish potential business rapports, while being the epitome of globalisation.

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