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Sri Lanka’s strategic placement on the world map has meant that travellers from around the world have made their way to our golden beaches for centuries. In modern times we are vying to reach the former glory of being a hub for travellers, both business and leisure. Uniquely blessed with a multitude of experiences within a short land mass, Sri Lanka boasts the ability to present the chilly air of the mountains or the tropical heat of the coast, go trekking or diving underwater, all in one paradise isle. This versatility and diversity has been the backbone of the tourism industry and triggered its accelerated growth. Today’s travellers though are looking for so much more in terms of one-of-a-kind offerings that create lifelong memories.

The usual tendency within the tourism industry is to promote and specialise in areas and attractions within the country that are already booming with popularity. Eco Team strives to divert from this and give visitors to the country and travel enthusiast Sri Lankans, a different perspective of our little island while also empowering communities. With Eco Team, travellers can see this dream come to reality. Since its establishment in the year 2000, Eco Team has been quite literally riding waves and climbing mountains, providing its clients unique experiences creating memories to last a lifetime. With resources to create adventures for seasoned and first time nature lovers, Eco Team is a one-stop-shop for all outdoor travel needs.

Providing a plethora of activities ranging from adrenaline injecting activities such as hiking, trekking, white water rafting and abseiling all the way to a more informative tourist experience for those who venture to grow their knowledge of this beautiful tropical island and its indigenous population, Eco team provides tourists the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the Sri Lankan indigenous people, providing a never before seen insight into their lives and their methods including natural cures and hunting techniques. Not only does this enlighten the tourist, simultaneously it empowers the locals, which is a paramount belief of Eco-team.

Sri Lanka is synonymous with various words and symbols; however no conversation on Sri Lanka is complete without mentioning of the majestic elephants of the country.

The eco team provides a special up close and personal experience with elephants, in the ‘spend a day with the elephants’ package, allowing tourists to interact and observe elephants not from afar but by physically taking part in their daily rituals. Eco Team supplements tourist desires by allowing them to bathe the elephants and ‘dine’ with the elephant after which the tourists will have colourful conversations and be ambassadors of our island country.

A treat for adrenaline junkies is the white-water rafting, abseiling and canoeing programs made available by Eco Team. Bringing these activities to their clients with their own twist, Eco Team assures the highest Health and Safety standards and is the only group to have professional instructors with recognised credentials. The team are the only white water rafting operator in the country to be internationally accredited ensuring a superior experience.

Also known to be the pioneer in camping operations, Eco Team goes on to be a one-stop shop by having a vast accommodation network. With the facilities provided and the bulk of resources they hold with 160 mobile tents made available to their clients, you can be assured to rest easy wherever you go. Eco Team can provide its clients with a roof above their heads in any permitted area across Sri Lanka.

Eco Team specialises in providing its clients specific and custom-made packages according to their requirements and interests. Trekking, hiking excursions can also be provided as per clients’ requirements, for 45 minutes or even two to three days.

What Eco Team believes is that a country’s hotspots are not the typical hotspots, but true travel is enabling travellers to venture on his own and find where this hub is. Therefore, Eco Team provides you with the best network, options, and resources for you to discover your own adventure!

For more information and to make reservations, visit their website www.ecoteam.lk or call 070 222 8222.

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