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Meiya & Alvin Toy Collection returns home to delight children in Sri Lanka

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Globally-acclaimed Meiya & Alvin Toy Collection returns home to delight children in Sri Lanka

A globally reputed but proudly Sri Lankan toy manufacturing company, DSL Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is poised to launch its internationally acclaimed range of toys to the local market. The range consists of a natural line of baby toys combining rubber and fabric, originally based on two charming characters from the accompanying storybook, ‘A Day at the Park with Meiya & Alvin’. Within a year since its launch in the international market, the book has been translated into 7 languages, namely, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan, and is available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and across 11 European countries.

Meiya 1

The Meiya & Alvin Collection is a first ever-infant toy collection designed to promote infant development combining natural, quality materials and commitment to the environment. It has already been awarded the prestigious Dr. Toy Award for the ‘Best Green Toy’ for the entire range. Now infants and children in Sri Lanka will also have access to this world-famous range of toys, which consists of an attractive box with a story book.

Meiya 2

The personality behind this successful venture, CEO of DSL Lanka, Mano Sheriff comments: “The Meiya & Alvin Collection was envisioned as a world of innocence where children can just be who they are – a world where the air and water are clean, and the purity of childhood remains uncompromised. I am proud of the fact that DSL Lanka innovated the first-ever eco-friendly toy to combine rubber and soft textiles, blending the two favourite textures babies love. The rubber soothes them in their teething years and the soft toy gives them a feeling of warmth and security. My sole objective behind each toy is to ensure a pure and safe product that keeps the Sri Lankan heritage alive, which has in turn raised awareness about Sri Lankan culture and heritage abroad.”

Meiya 4 - NY Toy Fair

The Meiya & Alvin Collection is populated by lovable Sri Lankan animals such as Meiya the mouse; Alvin, the elephant (derived from ‘Aliya’, or elephant in Sinhalese); Wallace the Bear (derived from ‘Walaha’ or bear in Sinhalese); Hava, the Rabbit; Gemba, the Frog; and Tara, the Duck. By creating a unique Sri Lankan identity, this collection of toys is a must-have for every child in Sri Lanka in the style of traditional toys of yesteryears which appealed across generations.
There is a highly sustainable element in the toys. The stuffing used inside the toys is reclaimed from recycled plastic bottles, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while providing a superior alternative to natural materials, which dry poorly and have a greater risk of forming mould. The rubber part of the toy is made from natural rubber, sustainably harvested from the Hevea tree. It is certified non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free. The hand painted toys use plant based non-toxic dyes, making it safe for teething newborns and toddlers. Even the packaging incorporates the sustainability ethos by using recycled board and soy based inks. The toys are machine washable for hygiene and longer use. All the products in the collection show great respect for the environment.

The company conceived of the Meiya and Alvin collection after its first successful branded range, the Bonikka collection, yet another award-winning collection by DSL Lanka, became the rage across the world. Bonikka was inspired by a doll that Mano Sheriff herself owned that was passed down generations of daughters in her family since 1895 as a symbol of love and security.

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