Cupido the first and only AI dating coach

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A group of 3 Sri Lankans created Cupido (https://askcupido.com), the first artificially intelligent dating coach which Cupido helps online daters increase their rate of success by providing guidance to improve their profiles to get more matches and on using the right approaches to turn them into successful dates. We enable getting (online) dating advice relevant, faster, available and affordable. 

Online dating gives an average male a very low chance of getting a date or a match sometimes. A regular person spends months learning to go through an emotional journey in online dating to get satisfactory results. In this context, online dating apps also get hurt due to high churn from frustrated users

According to research, in online dating, (1) poorly constructed profiles result in low amounts of matches, (2) Due to option paralysis and competitiveness, impressing matches and turning them into dates; and (3) succeeding in those dates are difficult. 

Cupido is currently available as a Messenger based Chatbot (https://m.me/askcupido) and a Chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cupido/jjjommffanchdoccnahgdhehngiichdo) supporting Tinder. Further, Cupido API is available (contact via the website for a demo) for the integration with dating apps and platforms, in order to increase user retention and user revenue.

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