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nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka is very excited to announce CULTURE MOVES – an exceptional dance show on September 19, 2018, at BISHOP COLLEGE AUDITORIUM, at 7:00 PM

nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka is the very first ever Contemporary Dance Company of the country founded by KAPILA PALIHAWADANA in 2002. The company has shown an immense potential by presenting their original and unique choreographic creation on the local scene as well as on the International scene. The 14 high-level professional dancers of the company are highly performative. The choreographies of KAPILA PALIHAWADANA offers a mixture of genres that results in a unique and original choreographic composition rich in color. The creations of nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka are the modern face of Sri Lanka’s ancient living society.

CULTURE MOVES symbolizes the 21st Century Sri Lankan Culture in action and in constant evolution. The choreographies of KAPILA PALIHAWADANA embody is the very essence of modernism of our country, deeply conscious of our roots but alive to the future. The program of the September 19 evening at Bishop College will include 2 choreographic creations of Kapila Palihawadana. The first show of the evening, entitled Vannam, was created in 2017. Vannam is a combination of melding drums, percussion, electro beats, rock and classical music with traditional sounds of cymbal and chanted versions. The physicality of the dancers’ moves is going to be enchanted by the audience. The second show of the evening, entitled Slavery (WAHALA), represents the emotional feelings of human beings trapped and deprived of their basic liberties. The show is an outstanding rhythmical music and astonishing choreography putting on stage the brilliant performance of the 14 international standard dancers of the company.

If the first creation had toured around the country already, the second one will be on stage for the very first time. In fact, the September 19th performance consists of the pre-premiere of the show. Its official premiere is going to be programmed at nATFEST 2018, an international Contemporary Dance Festival in Sri Lanka curated by nATANDA that will take place in November 2018. CULTURE MOVES is a groundbreaking production. Don’t miss this very entertaining special event.

Tickets: 1,500 | 2,500 | 4,500

CALL NOW: 072 291 1703 | 076 796 1888 | E-Mail: kesarakx@gmail.com

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