Could your Smartphone replace a professional camera

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by Carrie-Ann Skinner from GoodHouseKeeping

A photographer will always tell you the best camera is the one you’ve got to hand, but it’s always been the case that DSLRs outshine smartphone cameras. Until now…
The Huawei P10 have great cameras, but are they good enough to ditch your DSLR? Let’s finds out…

If you want to take photos where the background appears blurred but the subject of the photo remains sharp, known as depth of field effect, then smartphones have never been able to complete with a professional-style DSLR. Until now that is.

Several of this year’s new crop of smartphones feature dual rear lenses which can be used to create a depth of field effect.

First seen on the iPhone 7 Plus but known as Portrait Mode, depth of field is now a feature on the Huawei P10.

The Huawei P10, which was announced this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is a 5.1in Google Android smartphone that has dual rear lenses manufactured by high-end camera brand Leica. The two lenses work together to create the depth of field effect when taking portraits.

The smartphone comes with a 2x optical zoom and a fingerprint sensor so you can pay for goods and services on the go. It comes in some great colours including a vibrant blue and green.
We’ve witnessed a demonstration of the Depth of Field feature on the Huawei P10, and used the feature on the iPhone 7 and the results have been very good. Simple to use they create great pictures. The effect is still slightly better when using a DSLR, so if you’ve got one already you may not want to give it up in favour of a smartphone. But if you hate carrying both a smartphone and a camera round with you – this could be the answer.

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