Colombo Food Festival

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By Grace Wickremasinghe
Today (5th of June) was calling for all foodies in Colombo.
From Nachos, to Red rice, fresh juice, diet tea, coffee, to chicken wings and way too many cupcakes this food festival filled the Viharamahadevi Amphi theater from 10 am on wards.


I went over around 3pm to find most of the food stalls either on break or rushing their service and feeding hangry customers.
Coco Bella was sold out pretty early. Maggi stall was there too but didn’t see them getting a lot of attention to be honest. Felt like, Prima may have done a better job with their sausage noodles.

I have never seen this many cup cakes in my entire life. Not to be a hater but I think, cup cakes are so 2011, better move on to cake pops or something people!


The Princess stall sugar cookie for Rs. 100 was dry and the only thing I liked in it was the M&Ms.
I had hot wings for Rs.200 from Spicy Taco which was pretty yummy considering that I was craving meat and a lack of there of it as well. It was however not spicy as I expected. BBQ sauce also would have been a better option.


Much loved eclair maker, Oshella was there too doing her thang. The Taco guys were eternally on pending orders.
I had a lovely mango juice, have no idea of the stall name though. (sorry! 🙁 )

Shout out to organic juice shop – RAW by Ronali. I had an Oogla tea, a healthy iced brew of black and green tea for Rs.250/-


The music was average and except for a stand up comedian I didn’t see any other artists per say. I don’t think it’s the greatest idea to have a comedian or poet on stage at an event of this nature because people are already distracted by food. Perhaps next Sunday they can street dancers instead.
Turn out wasn’t overwhelming. Thank God.


It started to drizzle a bit but stopped instantly.
Speaking through personal experience, many came for brunch after starving since last might and may have been disappointed due to the lack of savoury items.

One thing is for sure though, Sri Lankans can eat!

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