BUILT TO BE CEO By Sabrina Ghouse

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A Woman’s Journey to the Top

Sabrina Ghouse was born in Sri Lanka and has spent the majority of her career building strong brands, particularly at AAA, where she has served as the Chief of Staff to the CEO and continues to be part of the CEO’s Advisory Council. She is the founder of twoeducation non-profits and a graduate of Harvard University.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Purchase: Amazon.com Information: www.builttobeCEO.com Social Media: Twitter (builttobeceo) & Facebook (Built to be CEO) Inquiries about content / public speaking opportunities, etc.: sabrina@builttobeceo.com

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Topics for Speaking Engagements


• Inspiration: What and who inspired Sabrina Ghouse to write this book

• Overview of the mission: to make the message in the book Built to be CEO obsolete, because it is commonplace to see women in senior leadership and CEO positions.

• Overview of the business initiative: to sell above industry average number of book copies in lifetime and to create a lasting forum for women to be inspired by other women in leadership positions.


Key learnings and takeaways:

• Message: You haven’t come this far just to come this far

• Facts / Research:

▪ The lack of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 and in the leadership pipeline

▪ The gender wage gap

▪ Hollywood and the film industry

▪ The power of women in the workplace

• Opinions / Key Takeaways:

▪ Your early career is your MVP

▪ There are invisible forces in your environment working against you

▪ You need financial acumen, CEO personality traits and supporters

▪ Your personal brand must be unique

▪ Your path to CEO is shaped by three questions

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