Brunch by the Ocean- King of the Mambo opens for Sunday brunch with live music

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When it comes to luxuriously indulgent weekends, nothing delivers quite like a Sunday brunch does. Galle Face Hotel’s King of the Mambo is elevating Colombo’s favourite Sunday pastime with its newly introduced A Lo Cubano- brunch every Sunday from noon to 4 pm by the ocean.

A Lo Cubano isn’t just brunch. It’s a brunch party. King of the Mambo is dispensing with the traditional stuffy Sunday brunch norms- for one, guests order directly off an à la carte menu, with a choice of classic Mediterranean cuisine (think crispy tostas decked with unctuous burrata, the hedonistic delights of truffle French fries, silky smooth pasta slicked with a light, herby sauce) and a selection of rosé wine, sangria and cocktails.

Food tastes better when its tinged with salty sea breeze. King of the Mambo is home to Colombo’s most iconic view of the Indian Ocean, accompanied with cool breeze from the Galle Face Green next door. Guests are invited to pair their meal and view with a selection from the expansive list of beverages and make a toast to the sound of live music from the King of the Mambo band- a group of Cuban performers especially in Colombo to play at the venue. To add a dash of excitement, guests have the chance of winning something during brunch too (hot tip- come in your best Sunday casual smarts to win Best Dressed Couple).

Launched in late 2018, King of the Mambo had barely opened its doors before it took Colombo by storm. The city is home to many restaurants, lounges and hybrid venues- yet King of the Mambo immediately stands out from the pack. Perhaps it’s the venue; perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean and Galle Face Green at Colombo’s iconic Galle Face Hotel. Or maybe it’s the menu- an intriguing medley of Mediterranean and Cuban cuisine staples, paired with drinks from a state of the art wine cellar. It could also be the concept- colourful and quirky walls echoing with music from a live Cuban band, and the effortless elegance of cocktails by the ocean. The most likely possibility, says David Lescarret, CEO, Infini Restaurant Management, is that it’s a combination of all the above. “You just have a good time here,” he says. “The food is fantastic, the wine list is unparalleled, the music gets you on your feet- and everything is set to the sights and sounds of the Indian Ocean. What’s not to love?”

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