Best 6 Beaches in Sri Lanka

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How great does an island beach getaway sound? Our best 6 beaches in Sri Lanka are the perfect spots for your next trip. Head to this small island nation in the Indian Ocean to experience a unique culture and hang out on some virtually untouched beaches. With privacy, authentic Sri Lankan culture, and of course fresh, locally prepared seafood readily available, a trip to one of these beach towns will be an unforgettable journey.

1. Unawatuna

Most beautiful beaches in sri lanka

Unawatuna is regularly considered Sri Lanka’s number one beach, so of course, it’s at the top of our list. This small beach has easy access to other parts of Sri Lanka and tons of things to do on the beach itself. Hang out in the golden sand or take a beach hike to the “Jungle Beach”. The water in Unawatuna is so gentle that it’s perfect for a relaxing day at the beach, or for families with young children. Plus, the clear water makes Unawatuna an ideal spot for snorkeling. Unawatuna is walking distance to one of Sri Lanka’s top tourist destinations: the city of Galle. Check out the historic fort in Galle or just explore the streets and markets.

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