Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort cultivates its own organic rice

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Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort celebrated its latest farming initiative with a traditional Vap Magula ceremony, signifying the commencement of its inaugural foray into organic rice cultivation.

Following the ancient rituals, the local community, guests and resort employees were invited to collectively participate in the festive occasion by conducting the initial field ploughing and planting of rice seedlings before enjoying a communal vegetarian brunch together.

Sri Lanka is one of the oldest traditional agriculture civilisations in the Asian region with rice cultivation being the primary production activity in the country. Rice represents more than just a dietary staple; it is a labour of love that also plays an integral role in Sri Lanka’s cultural life for celebrations, rituals and religious practices.

Held on an auspicious day, the traditional Vap Magula or Ploughing Festival is a collectively performed paddy land ceremony that has been practised by local farmers throughout centuries, attended by both royalty and villagers alike. Symbolising the commencement of farming operations for the season, Vap Magula also unites all levels of society while pooling resources for a common purpose and the opportunity to share a meal together.

In recognition of the importance of rice and the social unity it represents, Anantara Tangalle Resort took the initiative to clear approximately 750 square metres of prime resort land in preparation for its own paddy fields to complement its flourishing organic garden. To keep the indigenous farming heritage alive, the resort’s gardeners and caretakers of the land will adhere to traditional planting methods and estimates a yield of 450 kilogrammes when the paddy fields are matured for harvest.

“The Vap Magula ceremony celebrates the tireless passion and accomplishments of our gardeners, chefs and land carers, and gives them the opportunity to share the intricacies of traditional rice farming methods with our guests. It enhances our continued sustainability commitments whereby cultivating our own rice is part of a larger mission to educate and curate wholesome farm-to-plate culinary experiences for our guests with zero plastic and minimal carbon footprints. Our resort landscape will evolve further to incorporate Ceylon cinnamon trees and tea bushes in the near future,” said Ross Sanders, General Manager of Anantara Tangalle.

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort offers guests a unique resort experience in Sri Lanka. Located on the island’s southern coastline, the award-winning resort is set on a secluded stretch of beach amidst a 21-acre coconut plantation. Each of the 120 guest rooms and 32 private pool villas exude serenity with spacious interiors that blend comfortable luxury with modern amenities. Distinctive local experiences and rich cultural traditions are woven into the fabric of the resort and its diverse offerings.

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