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A Bulb for a Bulb-EFL returns with annual green campaign

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Illuminating homes whilst sharing a green conscious message, Expolanka Freight (EFL) brought back its Bulb for Bulb campaign for the second consecutive year.

EFL initiated the Bulb for Bulb campaign for World Environment Day last year in Orugodawatte, a heavily industrialized town neighbouring the company’s Sri Lankan operations. The idea was quite simple-for every incandescent bulb offered, EFL would replace it with an LED bulb free of charge. In this way 1000 EFL employees across 10 offices as well as 1000 homes in Orugodawatte were involved in the initiative. When the campaign returned this year, EFL was able to give away 4000 LED bulbs in total facilitating an energy saving of 80%.

With many countries phasing out the production of incandescent light bulbs due to low energy efficiency it is high time Sri Lanka followed suit, noted Saif Yusoof, Managing Director, EFL Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka electricity consumption in 2014 was 10,996.92 GWh, with households utilizing 65% of this. As part of the campaign EFL also conducted awareness sessions to urge participants to find more efficient ways to utilize energy. More importantly, the availability of other sources of energy such as harvesting rain water and recycling were also explored.

The simple message driving the campaign was “every little thing counts,” said Yusoof. “We strongly believe that everyone has an important role to play in nurturing the planet and saving energy, and this campaign is proof to that. This year we were able to replace 4000 energy inefficient incandescent bulbs with the more environmentally friendly LEDs-we hope that these households notice the difference in their electricity bills and continue buying LED bulbs in the future.”

For its part, EFL has sought to redefine what it means to be a responsible business. From meticulously designing and building Sri Lanka’s first LEED Gold certified green warehouse to eliminating wasteful practices from operations, the company continues to embody a green consciousness in its operations.

EFL (Expo Freight) is a leading provider of supply chain solutions across 20 countries and over 55 cities. Founded in 1982, EFL is headquartered in Sri Lanka and is ranked among the top five forwarders in the Indian Subcontinent and is recognised as an expert in fashion logistics.

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