28-Year-Old Businesswoman Saved 11,000 Pounds Of Plastic From Sri Lanka’s Oceans

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While many entrepreneurs are content to continue with the status-quo, one millennial businesswoman knew she could to do more than just care about her bottom line.

Moving back to Sri Lanka when she was 24, Savera Weerasinghe started running a packaging factory as part of her family’s business. As a life-long environmentalist, she was shocked by the amount of single-use plastic that was used and sold as part of their operations.

read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexandratalty/2020/03/08/this-28-year-old-businesswoman-saved-11000-pounds-of-plastic-from-sri-lankas-oceans/?fbclid=IwAR3mDR7wuTNfXqRG8Tjh52VqqLYblwzDtwPYXg7p76rZaceyrpHCfFsVKoI#4515d846d28e

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